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Adult Coloring: First Friday Friendly Free-For-All


Art Is Life Studio
1200 E Collins Blvd, # 106 75081 Richardson United States
When was the last time you colored?

Some haven't in ages and many have been closet colorers for years! Personally, I TRY to color weekly because it is a great way to unwind and still feel a bit creative. According to popularity, coloring is clearly not just for kiddos anymore and is a cheap way to chill out with your friends in a stress-free activity.

It seems articles have been passed around the social media table almost DAILY telling tales of escaping from the day-to-day and getting creative through coloring. Just from the reaction from these articles alone, I pretty much gauged we are all aching to do this -- and more often. It's meditative and from the response from my coloring parties for over a year now, it's so relaxing you might even be tempted to nap over your pages! We even have a few definite not-so-safe-for-work books for the mischievous colorer in you who also enjoys using colorful language. ;).

For $15 I will provide the snacks, coloring supplies and pages from various coloring books as well as interpretation of your finished pages (for entertainment purposes only).

PAY FOR YOUR SPOT HERE: http://www.jenicejohnsoncreative.com/jjc-store-and-services/art-is-life-coloring-party

Hope to see you all. Seating is limited to 25 voracious colorers.

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