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Soul Drama - Independence - Thanks for the Support


Art Is Life Studio
1200 E Collins Blvd, # 106 75081 Richardson United States
Soul Drama: Independence

This class gives you a format to tune into details through thematic collages. This 'picture from within' has a voice, which comes alive in intuitive theatrics. An inner knowing, empathy and transformation can also come when playing a role in someone else's story. Watch your Soul Drama come alive -- these actions helps us grow a little deeper and be a little more connected to ourselves and others.

Without the support, love and influence that others offer us, we cannot truly be Independent. This Month, we honor and celebrate ONE who has been an influence through Soul Dramas.

They may be animals, ancestors, teachers, friends, healers, authors, religious or political figures or more. They may be alive or dead, you may know them personally, or simply from what you have heard. What is most important is that each of these sentient beings has uplifted, held you or challenged you in some way at some time in your life and has helped you grow.

Soul Drama is a unique approach to exploring your personal stories within art and creative forms, finding new layers of connection to experience and to 'moving energy'.

Your Soul Cycles find new pathways of expression through intuitive collages and putting the image into action through improvisational role plays. Find a place of renewal and growth by observing and exploring the 're-storying' your personal mythologies.

This class is led by a seasoned performer, yogi and psychodramatist - Tzivia Stein-Barrett, LCSW, E-RYT, CP

Pay ahead for planning purposes through Paypal. My Paypal is: Tzivia@HealingCircleCenter.org, or pay at the door, but please RSVP.