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Auditions for "Auntie Mame"


Richardson Theatre Centre
518 W Arapaho Rd, Ste 113 75080 Richardson United States
Auditions for RTC's fifth show of the 2016 season
by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee
Directed by Dena Dunn

Sunday, June 26 from 7-10 and
Monday, June 27 at 7pm
Call backs, if needed, will be Monday 6/27 at 8pm

****These auditions are for AUNTIE MAME the play, not MAME the musical.*****

Head shots and resumes are appreciated but not required. **PLEASE** call for an audition time, 972-699-1130. Walk-ins are welcome, but reserved times are preferred. There will be cold readings from the script.

Sept 2 - Sept 18
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm, Sundays at 2:00 pm and
Thursdays at 7:30 of the second and third week.

Auntie Mame – Partial Character Summary
As Written: 25 Male Roles, 12 Female Roles, and 3 Boys
(The Director will be exploring doubling actors in some of the smaller roles)

•MAME DENNIS – glamorous, eccentric New York socialite, Female 35-60.
•VERA CHARLES – a famous British actress from Pittsburgh, Mame’s best friend, Female 35-60.
•YOUNG PATRICK DENNIS – bright, curious, adorable young boy who is orphaned and comes to live with his eccentric Auntie Mame. Male 9-13.
•PATRICK DENNIS -- now a young man, Male 20-25.
•ITO – Mame’s Asian houseboy, Male 25-50.
•LINDSAY WOOLSEY (male) – Mame’s admirer, Male 35-60.
•MR. BABCOCK – Knickerbocker Bank President, Male 40-65.
•AGNES GOOCH – awkward straight laced secretary who transforms Female 25-40.
•NORAH MULDOON – Irish housekeeper and protector of young Patrick, Female 25-40.
•BEAUREGARD JACKSON PICKETT BURNSIDE – Mame’s wealthy southern suitor, Male 35-60
•MOTHER BURNSIDE – Beauregard’s southern mother, Female 50-70.
•DORIS UPSON – proper , flighty mother of Gloria, Female 40-60
•CLAUDE UPSON – proper, serious father of Gloria, Male 40-60
•GLORIA UPSON – Patrick’s fiancée, Female 20-25
•PEGEEN RYAN – young interior designer, Female 20-25.
•COUSIN JEFF – Southern gentleman, Male 18-35.
•COUSIN FANN – Snooty Southern Lady, Female 25-40.
•COUSIN MOULTRIE – Southern gentleman, Male 30-60
•SALLY CATO MACDOUGAL – young Southern belle, Female 16-15.
•EMORY MACDOUGAL – Sally’s younger brother, Male 9-13.
•BRIAN O'BANNON – Male 25-45
•AL LINDEN -- stage manager
•Theatre manager

AUNTIE MAME set a standard for Broadway comedy that's been sought after ever since it first hit the stage. "Auntie Mame was a handsome, sparkling, scatterbrained and warm-hearted lady who brightened the American landscape from 1928 to the immediate past by her whimsical gaiety, her slightly madcap adventures and her devotion to her young nephew, who grew up to be Patrick Dennis. Through fortunes that rose and fell and a pleasant but brief marriage to a likable Southerner, who had the bad luck to tumble down from the Matterhorn, Auntie Mame's chief concern was that nephew, whom she raised…[the play's] central figure is a woman of spirit, innate kindness and undefeatable courage…" —NY Post.

Based on the novel by Patrick Dennis. A triumph on Broadway, and a great road success. "A towering and tremendous hit…" —NY Journal-American . "Lawrence and Lee have fashioned a thunderbolt of fun from the Patrick Dennis bestseller." —NY Mirror. "A jumping joyride, I came away with a grin as big as a pumpkin's." —NY Herald-Tribune.